Mandated aka “Court Ordered” Anger Management Group Therapy


Please email via your client portal your court orders for your initial behavioral health assessment appointment.

A behavioral health assessment is required prior to beginning Mandated Anger Management Group Therapy.

Behavioral health assessments are $125 per hour with a one hour minimum charge.

Your Intake Forms must be carefully read and signed online no later than 48 hours prior to your initial assessment appointment time.

Click Here 24-7 to schedule your behavioral health assessment online.

Mandated Anger Management Group Therapy Sessions are $75 per session and are being offered completely online.

The word "commitment" is of critical importance in Anger Management Treatment. This is due to the commitment and motivation required to successfully complete Anger Management Therapy.

As an Anger Management Participant, you are required to bring your assigned notebook(s) with you to each session, successfully complete your commitments prior to each session, be prepared to review, discuss and appropriately engage in all sessions and to arrive on time to each session.

* CAAM is used to refer to Carolina Addiction and Anger Management PLLC

Failure to do so will result in that specific session not counting towards the successful completion of your 12 group therapy sessions. Continued failure to do so will result in termination of services in CAAM's absolute and sole discretion.

It is expected that all Anger Management Participants show respect to each other and to all other individuals that they interact with. It is expected that all Anger Management Participants maintain confidentiality and do NOT share any information regarding group member(s) outside of group session(s).

Currently, Mandated Anger Management Group Therapy is an open group. An open group is one where new people can arrive into the group and group members are scheduled to complete group therapy on different dates.